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Each site on average is exposed to cyber attacks several times

Leading security technologies for websites of all sizes!


Protect your reputation

Your online reputation is vital for your business success. SiteLock is monitoring your website to check if your source in the blacklist of Google or other similar search engines.

Trust Seal

Did you know 70% of web visitors look for proof that a site is secure before submitting their personal data? The SiteLock Trust Seal reassures customers that your website is a safe environment.

SiteLock Seal


Stop the hackers

SiteLock is constantly on the lookout for malware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and other threats using advanced scanning tools.

Keep your website far from threats

Keep your website safe using SiteLock's innovative 360-Degree Site Scan. This scanner checks if the files hosted on your site are infected by malicious software.

Automatic malicious software removal

If your website is infected with malware, SiteLock is doing the hardest work instead of you by cleaning out all the malicious code and providing safety control.


Prevent future attacks

SiteLock's Website Application Firewall (WAF) acts like a shield around your website, preventing attacks before they happen.

SSL certificates support

If your website uses SSL certificates to secure your online forms, customer accounts and e-commerce purchases, don't worry! SiteLock has full SSL certificate support.

FTP monitoring

You won't even have to worry about the many files and images that you add to your website are being infected. SiteLock keeps a close eye on all FTP file transfers to ensure ongoing safety.

It is not just banks and big corporate websites that get hacked.

Reports by Verizon Wireless and other leading security centers prove that 64% of website data breaches hit companies with 20 employees or less. You don’t want your customers to visit your website and see Google’s dreaded malware screen. Your reputation will plummet and you’ll lose out on valuable sales. It’s time for SiteLock. Buy it now!

Malicious software

Malicious software infects on the average 2,573 websites per week. SiteLock scans files each day and detects malicious software. SiteLock scans your website regularly to look for vulnerabilities or threats.

User security

An average of 14.6% of all attacks is representing infected visitors. This is a high figure for the e-commerce and personal data processing statistics. SiteLock protects not only your website but also visitors.


Every day a website is attacked on average 59 times. This is 16% higher than last year's figures. This increase is a sign of increasing cybercrime.

Company reputation

Using SiteLock protection systems by e-commerce sites or sites and companies simply specializing in sales, means a responsible attitude to both customer security and own reputation.


Do not make a problem out of it. Write to us and we will choose an SSL certificate for you, explain its advantages and help you to establish.

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