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About Us

We help you stay online.

From personal bloggers to startups and businesses - our host is designed to meet all needs, from the simplest to the highest.


OUR.Host - Azerbaijan Hosting Provider is the brand of OUR Technology which presents hosting and related services and started its work in October 2015. Our goal is to provide qualitatively web hosting services, VPS/VDS and dedicated servers for the best price in Azerbaijan. By creating the brand OUR Host have achieved to be able to provide much more professional and high-quality hosting service.

Since 2015, our goal has always been to clarify the Azerbaijan hosting market with simple, exhaustive, easy to comprehend hosting products and back them with the best customer support we can provide.

To date, thousands of customers rely on us every single day to host their websites and services, spanning from bloggers to large corporations with bespoke requirements.

All data, meaning every website, blog, forum, gaming platform, eCommerce business, company Cloud IT infrastructure on the internet needs to be hosted on giant computers called Servers, which are housed in secure Data Centres around the globe. Companies like us host and maintain all this complex computer infrastructure, so people without technical expertise don't have to worry about how their websites and businesses operate online, they just do; and it's our job to make sure this happens as effortlessly as possible.

We set the specific goal - to do a thing, but to do it in the perfect way.

  • Our equipment is located in the data centers in Azerbaijan, in the United States of America, in Lithuania and in the Russian Federation.
  • We use RAID devices for our powerful server platforms while hosting services are provided.
  • We are constantly control all of our services.
  • We guarantee for 99.9% uptime hosting.

We provide hosting resources for hosting your websites, projects and services on the Internet Network. Here you will get the best value for money. We have tried to minimize the cost of all our services, but have maintained a high level of quality and reliability. Professional approach is one of the most important aspects for us. Each request analyzes with a special attention and to solve the technical problems professional staff are involved. We guarantee for technical and related services.

Our services are used by a wide variety of clients: web developers and design studios, beginning Internet entrepreneurs, game server owners and large companies. There is no requirement for placing internet projects, which we could not meet.

We sincerely believe that you will be among our customers!


Domain Registered


Happy Clients


Running Projects


Data Centers

  • Azerbaijan, USA, Lithuania və Russia
  • The largest geolocation
  • Root rights
  • Full control of the server
  • ISP Manager Lite 5
  • Every feature is on hand
  • CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora
  • Suitable operative systems

Why choose us as a host provider?

Your web resources will be hosted by the most trusted hosting provider in the country. Dozens of users entrust their services to us every day

Most recommended

We position ourselves as the leading and first private hosting provider in the country as the Azerbaijan Host Provider and we maintain this title

Extensive opportunities

Whatever the desire; We have a wide range of services to suit your needs, budget and requirements

Leading partnership

The software we use is applied to our server workstations in partnership with leading technology companies

Working since 2007

We have been working in the field of ICT for more than 13 years and since 2015 we have been helping our customers stay online

Convenient and easy to use

Our goal is convenience and accessibility - our services are very convenient and fully autonomous, you can manage yourself without the need for operator assistance

High workability

We have done a lot to optimize and balance the load. We have a special monitoring programs, a BPG network and have uptime page that is open to everyone

International Financial Stability Board

We are registered with GPLEI and display all necessary information for contractors at the international level and in an open manner.

Customer service

Our maintenance specialists will answer your questions 24x7

Open finance

No hidden payment is made when purchasing our services, and we make a refund within 14 days, respecting the rights of consumers.

Our customers rate us as Excellent

Our mission

We work to accompany our customers on the road to success. Our mission from the first day is high quality, reliable and safe service.


Customer care

We are interested in long-term relationships with our customers. Therefore, we try to demonstrate a special attitude to the projects of our clients.



We believe that we are engaged in an area that serves progress. Therefore, drawing on the continuously growing own experience, every time we apply next generation technologies.


Local and reliable

We are officially operating and having the relevant documents hosting provider of Azerbaijan. The office located in Baku and at the time of payment, the client (residents) is not charged VAT.


    OUR Technology, MMC.

    J.Jabbarli 40
    Caspian Business Center
    AZ1011. Baku, Azerbaijan.

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    Baku: +994 12 599-0858

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