Chief Executive Officer
«OUR Technology» LLC
Guliyev O.I
Decree: №7/26-05/18


The Provider shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the Subscriber does not violate the following rules and legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (consciously or unintentionally). The operator or host provider of Internet telecommunication services and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and A complaint certified in the original text of a letter received by a third party licensed by the Ministry of High Technologies, as well as in violation of its legal rights, shall be considered as a ground for the investigation of the violation.

In case of violation, the Provider reserves the right to suspend the provision of services to the Subscriber. The Provider may refuse to provide the service without a thorough inspection and if it is impossible to eliminate the violation together with the Subscriber.


  1. Sending spam emails via e-mail is not only prohibited on the Provider's equipment, but is also restricted by other generally accepted terms and conditions on the Internet.
  2. It is forbidden to send passive spam referring to the provider's site, not through the provider's hardware.
  3. It is forbidden to violate the rights of third parties using the services of the provider. This also includes (but is not limited to)::
    • send personal information about third parties without your consent;
    • infringement of intellectual property rights
  4. It is forbidden to send any information (infected with viruses or malicious components) to third parties that may or may not be harmful.
  5. It is forbidden to violate the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan using the services of the provider. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • posting information that promotes drug distribution;
    • Attempts to gain unauthorized access to computer systems;
    • copyright / intellectual property infringement (piracy);
    • Distribution or placement or distribution of materials restricted by the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
    • posting or disseminating information that promotes violence or extremism that causes racial, national or religious hatred;
    • processing of personal data of third parties without the consent of the subjects of personal data and in the absence of other grounds for their processing;
    • torrent tracker placement;
    • Posting of applications used in the background and programs of third parties running in the background without the prior consent of OUR Technology;
    • placement of online casinos to acquire securities;
    • placement of sites that are redirected to third-party resources;
    • posting pornographic material;
    • Deployment of applications used to obtain / earn cryptocurrencies;
    • Use of the Provider's services for illegal purposes, including violation of existing legislation.
  6. It is forbidden to scan third-party Internet elements using the provider's services.
  7. It is forbidden to enter a non-existent or fake email address when using the provider's equipment.
  8. It is forbidden to take any action aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the provider's equipment or other third party.
  9. Attempts to gain Internet access to the provider's personal resources, as well as any network resource, are prohibited.
  10. It is forbidden to exceed the limits set for dedicated server resources for the Web or VPS / VDS host. If the Subscriber exceeds the established limits on the use of system resources, which significantly impairs the quality of service provided to other customers. The Provider reserves the right to suspend the Subscriber's services.
  11. 10.1 The static load (CP) generated by the user on the server processors is prohibited for more than 1 day:
    • 100-350 CP between XS, S, M, L, XL virtual host tariffs;
    • 100 CP Silver web host tariff;
    • 100 CP Gold on web host tariff;
    • 100 CP Platoinum on web host tariff;
    10.2 MySQL (CP) server static loading is prohibited during the day as a result of a request sent by the user to the server processors:
    • 2500 - Silver, Gold, Platinum web host
    • 5000 - in XS, S, M, L and XL virtual host tariffs

    10.3 More than 60% of the processor processes of the provider server in 5 seconds, more than 10% in 25 seconds, as well as more than 60 seconds of processor time on the virtual host, and more than 300 seconds on VPS / VDS use is prohibited. If this limit is exceeded, the provider has the right to stop the processor.

    10.4 Provider equipment is subject to the following restrictions:
    • maximum number of processes required for a domain 30;
    • maximum number of open files corresponding to process number 32;
    • The maximum RAM usage on a web host is 1028 MB;
    • The maximum number of connections to a MySQL database server is 60;
    • maximum mail message size 50 MB;
    • Maximum file size transferred with POST request, 256MB;
    • The maximum number of emails via SMTP should not exceed 30 MB per minute, 1500 per hour, and the message size should not exceed 100 MB;
    • The maximum number of messages per minute using the php mail () function should not exceed 30, and the message size should not exceed 70 MB;
    • The maximum number of messages sent in case of non-payment by the Customer for the services of the Provider is limited to 30 messages per hour.
    • The number of mailboxes of the leasing user of a private (physical) server is unlimited;
    • The maximum size of mailboxes sent to the customer's account should not exceed twice the amount of disk space allocated according to the user's tariff plan;
    • The maximum size of the mailboxes of a user who leases a private (physical) server is unlimited;
    These restrictions may vary depending on the specific equipment the Provider provides to the customer, but may not be listed below.
  12. Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the Subscriber in case of violation of the Subscriber's behavior, insult of the representatives of the Executing Party or use of non-normative lexicon.
  13. Subscriber must have a license, certificate or other documents to carry out works requiring certification and licensing in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Provider is not responsible for the use of the Subscriber's services without the required certificate or licenses.